Sunday, May 27, 2018

#MyVoiceMyVoteNJ Voter Drive at Jackson Liberty High School

A few of our newly trained voter registration volunteers partnered with more seasoned volunteers to put into action their recently acquired knowledge. We held a voter registration drive at Jackson Liberty High School on Friday, May 11.

The drive was organized by our Western Monmouth League and  AP Gov. teacher, Kelly Grubb. It was part of the #MyVoiceMyVoteNJ campaign co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of New Jersey and the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association. 

"The #MyVoiceMyVoteNJ voter registration drive was a fantastic way to support students’ expression of their voice during these challenging times. The campaign also served to promote a positive course of action and civic engagement for students that will indeed make a difference for the future of America."

What a warm welcome we received from Mr. Grubb and Principal Maureen Butler. Thank you for making this so easy for students to participate.

We had a beautiful set up in the main hallway. Volunteers worked three different shifts as students arrived between classes and were also brought down during classes. We were able to register 120 new voters!  We hope these students will take it to the polls as soon as they're 18 and eligible to cast their first vote. 

Thank you to our volunteers: Janis Iwanyk, Helen Dvokin, Marlene Franklin, Ruth Lipman, Susan Meltsner, Helen Cantos, Wendy Sabin, Carol Krimko, and Diane Goldstein.

If you have a chance to visit Jackson Liberty take a look at the solar field which is part of the Energy Solar Program. It's very impressive.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Voter Registration Drive at Brookdale Community College

On Tuesday, April 24th, newly trained volunteers helped out with a voter registration drive at the Lincroft campus of Brookdale Community College. The event was co-sponsored by our LWV chapter and organized through the office of students life and activities and the  EOF Rising Leaders Academy.  Thank you to Lauren Brutsman, Dir. of Student Life & Activites and Catherin Cutlip, Student Dev. Assoc. & EOF Program & Rising Leaders!

Tables were set up at the Spring BBQ and students worked along side adult volunteers to attract students and encourage them to register to vote. Thank you to Andrew Higgins, a Rising Leader who is studying Civil Rights. The day's cool breeze, and music from the DJ made for an enjoyable day.

Some of our newly trained voter registration volunteers joined forces with regular league members! It was a fun day talking to students about the importance of having their voices heard at the polls! Engage. Empower. and Defend Democracy!

LWV Volunteers: Janis Iwanyk, Sharon Steinhorn, Janie Schildge, JJ Mistretta, Rita Klotz, Elzabeth Bond, Tiffany McCann, Catheirne Kowalski, 

BCC Volunteers: Andrewl Higgins, Shawandda, and Amelia Vogt.

Great Turnout for Voter Registration Training Workshop

Thank you to everyone that took time out of their busy lives to participate in our voter registration workshop Saturday, April 21st. We were so pleased to fill the room with fellow citizens who want to be engaged in Defending Democracy. 
Janis Iwanyk, Sharon Steinhorn (League President), Ruth Lipman (Voter Services Chair)

 We hope each of you feel more informed to be able to register voters young and old.  Please encourage everyone you speak with to be informed voters, making sure that that they know that every vote counts

The League of Women Voters is ready to help set up a registration drive with you or help in any other capacity.  And if we send out a call for help, we hope you will be one of the well trained volunteers to answer the call.

Thanks again for your interest and your participation.

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