Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Conversation on Global Issues, Humanity, and Civic Education for Area High School Students

Milan Patel, Barbara Chaudhery, Sharon Steinhorn

Our March meeting was informative and inspiring!  Along with a full agenda of updates on League on going programs  and planning for our New Member Tea in May and multiple voter registration opportunities, we had two very knowledgeable guests.  

Milan Patel, founder of the website Topictable, came to describe  the work he's been doing to amass information on many important issues of the day.  His interest is in trying to simplify issues and show how they can be looked at through the eyes of humanity and not just from a partisan viewpoint. We are connected to globally and solutions to problems need to be viewed from all sides and how the issues affect us all. We will be looking at ways that we may help one another educate the public to become well-versed voters.
We were delighted to have Barbara Chaudhery, President of the Greater Red Bank LWV, join us to bring information on how we might duplicate the very successful program she has been running for many years in Middletown High School North, “Internship in Democracy.”  The two year program is to encourage students to become politically active through discussions, guest speakers, attendance at a government meeting, writing an observation paper on the meeting and taking part in a Voter Registration Drive at their school.  

Interested in making this happen in our Western Monmouth High Schools???  With the enthusiasm of high school students at an all time high, this program should be in every high school!

Sharon Steinhorn
President LWV Western Monmouth 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

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